Visual Explorer

Visual Explorer 2.0

Fully featured web browser based on Internet Explorer


  • Support for themes and color skins
  • Highly customizable built-in search tool
  • Nice sidebar with a bunch of tools
  • Support for Internet Explorer add-ons


  • A bit heavy on resources
  • Relies on Internet Explorer


The web browser market is continuously increasing its offer with more alternatives to big shots like Internet Explorer or Firefox. One of the latest additions to the menu is Visual Explorer.

Visual Explorer is not really a new web browser in itself, as it's based on the same engine as Internet Explorer. Nevertheless it adds a bunch of new tools and features that make it a complete solution for all your web browsing needs.

The most outstanding characteristic in Visual Explorer is its customization options: you can choose between different themes and color skins to give the program's interface a personal touch. I also liked the sidebar, where you can check your Favorites, review your browsing history, open a basic notepad, access Windows folder structure or even view the current website's source code, among other options.

Some other interesting features in Visual Explorer are a pop-up blocker, support for RSS feeds, a complete built-in search tool that can work with many different sites and – this is great – support for Internet Explorer add-ons. The bookmark management system is quite plain though, and I was disappointed to see that Visual Explorer doesn't support some really basic keyboard shortcuts we can find on any other web browser.

Visual Explorer is a nicely designed web browser based on Internet Explorer, featuring a ton of new tools and options.

Visual Explorer


Visual Explorer 2.0

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    Love the Customization Features!.
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